Device Buyback for Better Sales

It’s not any one thing—it’s the many things we do to create more value for retailers

Phobio Safetrade™ is a device buyback program designed for wireless retailers. Safetrade™ handles all aspects of trade-ins seamlessly:

  • Providing customers with more in-store buying power.
  • Providing sales people with more opportunities to delight their customers.
  • Providing the retailers with more revenue to grow their business.

We’re experts in all the areas of operation that make up an excellent trade-in service. We build our own software, manage our own international disposition channels and everything in between. That’s why Safetrade is enjoyed by over 5000 retail locations worldwide.

Smart Software

Users intuitively walk through the steps of assessing a device and ensuring secure erasure of customer data.

Simple Grading

The simplest and most objective product pricing available makes it easy for your sales teams to correctly assess a device at the point of sale.

Competitive Values

Our pricing is aggressive across all device conditions and leads to industry-leading trade revenues.

Effective Training

Easy and effective online training prepare your team for better trade-in performance and engaging contests throughout the year fuel competition and motivation.

Robust Reporting

Our reporting tools and analytics for managers are unmatched in depth of data and in ease-of-use.

Great Support

Our support agents are available 24/7 via email and Live Chat for your team, and regular store visits provide both training and feedback opportunities to improve our service.

Marketing Mojo

Print collateral and online marketing tools promote the value trade-in to your customers.

Low Adjustments

Our adjustment rates (or discrepancy rates) are the lowest in the industry with some of the highest rates of revenue per-door.

Flexible Configuration

Device Recapture allows your company to select specific models and conditions to keep “in-house” as certified preowned devices.

[Phobio’s] detailed, customized reporting and device processing...the ability to track our trade ins with that much detail is crucial to managing this program. Katie Peterson, Director of Operations, Wireless Communications
Phobio has a great understanding of the competitive marketplace and does an excellent job of providing us aggressive pricing, good marketing and training material, as well as flexibility with our program.. Jason Robertson, Director Help Center & Programs, Go Wireless
Phobio has been an integral partner...helping us to increase our accessory...attachment. Katie Peterson, Director of Operations, Wireless Communications
Not only are trades easy to assess and straightforward to process, but they're easy to track...and organizational analytics are superb. Jason Robertson, Director Help Center & Programs, Go Wireless
As our business continues to evolve, so does our relationship with Phobio. They are the kind of allies that any wireless retailer would benefit from utilizing. Kelly Eisman, Revenue Assurance Manager, 4G Wireless
We’ve been working with Phobio for several years their flexible software and comprehensive reporting allow them to keep up with us like few others can. JT Thome, Chief Operating Officer, Cellular Sales
Partnering with Phobio and using their Safetrade software has allowed us to consistently offer a good customer experience when trading, by maximizing trade value and minimizing pricing adjustments. Phobio has been a great addition to our company and aligns well with our overall strategy. Spencer Smith, Vice President of Operations, Diamond Wireless
Partnering with Phobio on the trade in program has allowed us to build incremental value for A Wireless, whilst providing maximum value to our customers. We are delighted with the momentum of our trade-in volume since making the transition. Bryan Bevin, Chief Executive Officer, A Wireless
When looking at companies to facilitate our trade-in programs, it was clear that Phobio offered best-in-class processes and technology that would allow us to better manage the trade-in program and provide our customers the best value for their old devices. Phil Ganbarg, Managing Director, The 360 Group

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